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GPS Timber is the market leader within timber yard logistics. Today are more than 20 sawmills, mainly in Sweden but also around Europe, using the system. Quality ensuring and efficiency is always important! 


GPS Timber is jointly owned by these companies.


DataPolarna i Skellefteå AB was registered in 1995 and has since developed from a two-person company to today having 14 employees. During the last eight years, we have been awarded the highest credit rating by the credit and business information company Bisnode AB.


With our broad expertise in the development of customer-adapted software, we can help you improve the efficiency of different processes and logistics flows.


Sokigo is the Swedish market leader in Geographic IT . Our passion is to work closely with our customers to develop methods and solutions to create long-term improvements for businesses, the environment, society and people. 

Our offices are located in Köping, Sundbyberg, Gävle, Lycksele, Göteborg, Varberg, Borlänge, Mora and Stockholm. 

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