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GPS Timber is the market leader within timber yard logistics. Today are more than 40 sawmills, mainly in Sweden but also around Europe, using the system. Quality ensuring and efficiency is always important! 


GPS Timber is devloped and owned by Icebound AB


Icebound AB is a new company but with almost 30 years of experience in developing GIS-based products and business solutions for our customers located throughout Europe - but with a historical focus on Sweden.

Icebound AB is former part/business area of Sokigo AB – but since January 2024 we are our own company, still under the ownership from Addnode Group. Our main goal is to offer market-leading products that digitize the Swedish and international base industry. Our largest customer segment today is the Forest Industry, where we have a number of leading products that are experiencing strong growth. Our specialty is our deep knowledge in Geographical IT, positioning and the digital map. 


We are technically heavy with teams of developers and specialists in system design. But we are also proud of our other team of consultants, industry experts, evangelists, salespeople and other skills/roles. We ourselves are headquartered in Lycksele – Lapland Sweden, where most of the employees live. But we also have employees who are in other places in Sweden such as Umeå, Åmotfors in Värmland and so on. We are a collection of energetic people who are passionate about creating efficiency and sustainability for our customers and the world around us. 

Read more about Icebound at (only in Swedish)


Icebound is part of Addnode Group (publ. on Nasdaq Stockholm), for more info:

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