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Martinson in Bygdsiljum are pioneers in Sweden when it comes
to streamlining the work of sawmills timber yard. The latest thing
is to use dynamic sorting line.


The system can put more trays for different timber classes without extending the conveyor path.

– It also reduces stress for truck drivers, says Olov Martinson, Production Manager at Martinson.


– Five years ago, we had trouble keeping the saw mill with timber and decided to try to increase the capacity for the timber yard by 10%. We have now achieved that by far, says Olov.


"We now have better track of the log balance"


Bo Lundström has been driving using the GPS Timber system since december 2006 and he appreciates the support he receives.
– Before, we could get muddled up and put the timber in the wrong place. Such mistakes are extremely rare now. There is a considerable improvement, he says.   

– This is perfect, especially if you change personnel. You can immediatley see where you should pick up the timber and where you should drop it off. The system has also given us a level of flexibility we didn’t have before. Before, we always had certain order to the stacks of timber, but now it´s easy to shift stacks and piles if necessary, says Sören Sund, truck
supervisior at Martinsons.

Martinsons is one of Europe’s largest manufactures of glued laminated timber and 220.000 cubic meters of sawn timber is produced annualy at the sawmill in Bygdsiljum.

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