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We have, throughout the years, gained a lot of experience and knowledge within logistics at the timber and wood yard. We offer feasability studys of your business to calculate your benefits of working a little bit smarter. Our staff has optimised projectplans for new GPS Timber customers. 




We offer a well documented projectplan and strategies for deployment at your site. 
Our project manager will manage the process to deploy the system. Our project manager has also a good knowledge of the business which will make the communication both with your drivers and the management easy all through the process.





Our staff are used to educate drivers and work management. We usually ride along with the drivers to ensure the right function and operation of the trucks.


Logistics & Business


We can help you to streamline and ensure the quality management of raw material in the timber field by: 

  • increasing saw exchange

  • Surveying the timber depot (quality, volume, down times, etc.)

  • in real-time or historical

  • Following trucks' activities

  • Controlling pick up and drop

  • Managing bins efficiency

  • Minimizing driving distances, reducing fuel costs

  • Quality assurance of supplies and more ...


Contact us and we will create a spreadsheet based on your circumstances and experiences that show how much you could save and streamline your operations with this system.



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