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GPS Timber Products

GPS Timber is a system för logistics at the log yard and the wood yard. The system keeps track of what is stored and where and therefore eases for a correct and efficient handling. GPS Timber are market leaders within logistics. Todays log yards around Europe, mainly in Sweden, are using the system to ensure the quality and efficiency of their business.


GPS Timber (Log yard logistics)


With GPS Timber, sawmill industries can get more productive and effecient handle timber.


GPS Timber ensures quality, volumes, quantities and more. With the help of GPS, digital maps and WLAN communication, GPS Timber is a real-time production system. The system gives great support to drivers and ensures quality for the entire process – from the sorting of the timber to the saw table.


Lower fuel consumption by feeding production orders to drivers. They always now where to go, what to deliver and what to do. Fully integratable with most modern sorting systems and production systems on the market.


We help you optimize the logistics of your business.

GPS Timber Pulp (Wood yard logistics)


GPS Timber Pulp is a system for logistics in the woodyard. The system communicates between a central and trucks in order to know what is stored and in what place, where the trucks are and what activities are carried out.


With GPS Timber Pulp, we provide the conditions necessary for improving / changing inflow into production. The drivers keep getting information about what comes in and where it is stored or where it will be stored. With the recipe function, they constantly suggestions on what they should put on the toppings table.


The system provides constant information about what is available and in what quantities it is situated on the different bearing surfaces.


We help you optimize the logistics of your business.

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