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What is GPS Timber Pulp?


GPS Timber Pulp is a system for logistics in the woodyard. The system communicates between a central and trucks in order to know what is stored and in what place, where the trucks are and what activities are carried out.


With GPS Timber Pulp, we provide the conditions necessary for improving / changing inflow into production. The drivers gets continous information of what comes in and where it is stored or where it will be stored. With the recipe function, the system suggests the drivers what they should put on the toppings table.


The system provides constant information about what is available and in what quantities it is situated on the different bearing surfaces.


We'll help you to optimize the logistics of your business.

GPS Timber Pulp Benefits


GPS Timber Pulp  helps you to streamline and ensure the quality management of wood material in the wood field by: 
Saving fuel consumption
Keeping track of alternative storing places
Taking control over age, volymes and moisture in the wood storage.
Smoother flow of the right quality
Contributing to a better environment
Contact us and we will create a spreadsheet based on your circumstances and experiences that show how much you could save and streamline your operations with this system support.

GPS Timber Pulp system


The system consists of a software application that is placed in the facility's operations center and client software on each vehicle.


The central software manages in addition to data from the trucks also data from the saw table and sorting. Each vehicle has a GPS receiver that keeps track of where the vehicle is located and which activities are performed. The communication between vehicles and the central server is wireless.


From the trucks are sent continuously information about the position and activity to the central server. The information from the trucks is compiled with information from other trucks.

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