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Stora Enso, Ala Sawmill


Driving the wrong way used to be a problem at Stora Enso Ala Sawmill, but now the truckdrivers don’t have to think about where they should put the timber they have in the grapple.

– It’s made things easier for us. If the driver has been ill or on parental leave, we don’t need
to waste time on telephone calls and quesions. He can go in and start working immediately,
says Erik Sjölund. 

The drivers can see on their monitors exactly where the material should be placed - the bay
set to receive the timber is marked with a different color to the others.


– They can see at an early stage if a bay is about to become full and they can also keep the
different quality characteristics of the piles seperately. At the same time, we can follow their
work on the timberyard from a central position, explaines Erik Sjölund.

Stora Enso Ala Sawmill produces 380.000 cubic meters of sawn timber every year, making it one of the largest sawmills in Sweden. Stora Enso Ala Sawmill uses GPS Timber in order to secure the logistic.


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